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Indian Tapestry

A Tapestry is a piece of fabric with an image or a decorative pattern woven into it that could be used as a Wall Hanging. Tapestries have always been a part of Home Decoration in India. The rich colours the decorative patterns would enhance the beauty of any home and give it an aesthetic look. As the leading brand in Australia, you can put your trust in us to provide you with the best when it comes to Indian Tapestries. You can visit our website at any time and choose from the wide range of collections at your leisure.

A Variety of Beautiful Indian Tapestries from Our Exclusive Collection !

India is a diverse yet colourful country rich with thousands of years of history. And the same history creates the design of the Tapestries that are available in our collection. We have a selection of tapestries of the Indian genre that cover a huge collection of Mandalas which originate from Ancient South Indian cultures, and Colorful Tarot tapestries from Indian origin (All Nine sets of tarots). We weave our tapestries with utmost care and with top-quality materials, a perfect mix of Nylon, Polyester and Silk. These hand-woven masterpieces have the potential to bring colours to your home. They can easily match any sort of interior and enhance the existing decor. Moreover, they are multifunctional, meaning, based on the size, they could work as a tapestry, wall hanging, beach towels, yoga mats or a tablecloth. Due to the well-thought design, the tapestries are easy to wash, clean and maintain. Furthermore, these make good gifting options for many occasions.

Why Should You Choose Indian Tapestries from Us?

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of tapestries in the country, and you can definitely count on us while buying Indian tapestries. With decades of experience behind us, we know what the things people look for in a good quality tapestry are. Also, it is a mandate for us that we create all tapestries under the watchful eyes of our skilled and experienced craft masters. Here are a few more things that distinguish us from the rest;

  • Best Quality Tapestries in the Market
  • Durable Products
  • Really Affordable Prices
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  • Huge Range of Collections
  • Quick and Timely Delivery all over the country
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